How Can the TAP System Transform Your Piano Playing? Diana plays "Yesterdays"(Kern)

One of the most important aspects of playing the piano is the way you can personalize your performance of a song. Although there are many music collections that include written arrangements of songs by Jerome Kern and other well-known composers of selections from the Great American Songbook, there's a better way to individualize your interpretations of the standards.

The method that I created over the past 4 decades of teaching and performing is called the:

Transformational Approach to Piano (TAP System)

The TAP System brings together 3 important strands of my natural musicality. One was my extensive musical training, another was years of solo piano performance and the 3rd was my belief in the importance of creative self-expression which would help my students to play the music they love.

During the 1990's, while I was playing hours of solo piano gigs every week, I was also working on 2 Master's degrees at New England Conservatory. I was so engrossed in what I was learning, that it enabled me to crystalize my approach to playing and also my approach to teaching my students.

Several years ago, I had an adult student who worked on many standards and she developed quite a repertoire. She went on to perform at assisted living and other facilities and after doing this for several months, she began to expand her repertoire even further. She contacted me and asked me to recommend accompaniment styles that she could use for several selections for her growing list. She had developed to the point where the ability to adapt and express a whole repertoire of songs had become a joy and part of her creative experience. The reason for my student's request was that she had learned one of the most important principles of