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Piano Keys

Thank you for contacting me today!

Within the next 24 hours, I will answer you personally with answers to your questions along with information about piano lessons.


Watch for my email to you coming from Diana Mascari If for some reason you don't see it by tomorrow, please check your spam folder.


While you are waiting for my reply to you, you might want to take a look at our Piano Lessons-Programs and Electives for more detail about how I can help you become the pianist you want to be.


To give you an idea of how songs can be played on the piano, feel free to check out the videos on the Performances page or read one of my helpful Blog articles designed to move your piano playing forward.


Thanks again, for contacting me to find out about piano lessons.

Remember to watch for my email.


Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to helping you experience the fulfillment playing the piano can bring.


Hoping to connect soon,

Diana Mascari


Piano Lessons with Diana Mascari


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