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Online Lessons with a Personal Touch

One on one lessons online

Many online lesson programs fail because they lack the flexibility we need to learn. This is because piano teaching companies pre-record and publish informative lessons with no actual teacher present in the lesson.

If this is the case, you have to follow along, alone, and absorb the lesson yourself. This may not line up with the way most people clearly understand the material. You may find that there are many points that need to be re-explained or demonstrated a few times or in another way before you can really understand and move on.

If you want a more personal touch, you need the one-to-one student/teacher relationship that you'll always get from Piano Lessons with Diana Mascari because you actually take lessons with me.


Something To Remember...This Time-Table Is Flexible

  • Your progress depends on your musical background, your schedule, your commitment to practicing and the frequency of your lessons and your motivation.

  • I have the expertise and the patience to help you succeed regardless of how long it takes you to achieve your musical goals. I'm so looking forward to getting to know you and helping you getting on the path to helping you join the great family of musicians, expressing yourself through your piano playing and experiencing the transformation music brings to your life.



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