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Grand Piano

Online Lessons Available Worldwide

When You Take Lessons With Diana, You'll Be Able To:

Practical Benefits


🎵radically enhance your playing through a new perspective on music theory.

🎵play your favorite pieces at performance level through my core principal of repertoire at every level.

🎵develop your hand independence more quickly by learning my system of using left hand accompaniment patterns effectively.

🎵develop the practice habits that will lead to consistent improvement.

Personal Benefits

🎵experience a shift from student mindset to that of a musician, making informed choices as your self-expression emerges.

🎵enjoy the deep satisfaction, rich and complete sound that solo piano playing provides. 

Greater Quality of Life Benefits

🎵value the added benefit of keeping your mind sharp, that playing the piano brings.


🎵create a sense of legacy, which remains in the hearts and memory of family, through musical connection and collaboration.


🎵infuse your life with aspects of balance, reflection, and mindful renewal, as you permit yourself time to tune out the rest of the world.


🎵broaden your sense of  personal identity, which your musicianship will cultivate. 

Piano Lessons-Programs-Electives

Piano Lessons

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Diana has taught hundreds of students over the past 40 years. Here's what some of them have to say...

"As a child I had little success in pursuing piano lessons. Now was the time to make that musical dream come true. To my amazement and pleasure I have been able to play tunes, learn scales and most important of all I find the practicing to be pure enjoyment as I am intensely focused and therefore distracted from every other thing that might be crowding my mind. Diana Mascari nurtures the strengths I bring to the lessons and thereby adds encouragement with every lesson."

Alice Rotfort,

LICSW, Health Care Professional

“Diana Mascari is an amazing piano teacher who has been an inspiration to me since I started taking lessons from her several years ago. Through her patience, creativity, passion for teaching, and knowledge, I am on my way to achieving my goal which is simply making music and sharing it with others.”

Sarah Reiss,

IT Professional Retired

"After many years away from the piano, I contacted Diana after discovering her studio in my hometown of Hudson. I’m glad I made that call!

Diana has resurrected my interest in this wonderful hobby. I have learned many great songs and styles under Diana’s guidance – show tunes have been my favorite! The flexibility of Diana’s program has been ideal for my work and family schedules. Looking forward to continuing this musical experience.”

Paul Masciarelli,

IT Professional

“Finding a piano teacher is no easy task as most instruction is geared for children. With Diana I’ve enjoyed every minute of my lessons and practice time. She’s gotten me to play things I never thought I’d be able to, an excellent teacher. Diana’s patience, experience, understanding and teaching style make the experience fun and enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend Diana to anyone who wishes to enrich their lives through music.”

Maurice Monopoli, JD, CFP,

Schrewsbury, MA

'Thank you for being such a supportive teacher. This really means so much to my daughter as well as myself. and I'm thrilled that she likes it so much. I asked my daughter if she wanted to continue with piano for next year and she responded, “Yes. . of course!” and gave me a look like it was a very dumb question. Once again, thank you so very much!"

Kimberly Booker Schmid,


“As a child I sang with the Philadelphia Boys Choir and this exposed me to unimaginable experiences such as singing in Carnegie Hall and professional operas. I went on to study saxophone, taught myself piano chords, and enjoyed singing along. I continued to play as my professional career developed, but began to feel a broader level of technique was missing from my life and I wanted to advance. I also always loved jazz and so I reached out to Diana to build on the skills that I already had.

From day 1, she exposed me to an approach to playing that I found so interesting, and provided me with just the right challenge that I was hungry for.  And it was also very doable. She really opened me up to the full piano, took the songs I loved, adding such cool sounds and a great deal of feeling, and hugely expanded my repertoire. I was able to develop my hand independence and accompany myself singing so that my wife said, “It’s so much fun listening to you practice now.” I highly recommend studying with Diana Mascari, and am so thankful for the opportunity to bring music back into my life.

Andy Molnar

Digital Therapeutics Alliance, CEO

“Dear Diana, For the past 8 years, you have been an amazing piano teacher for me. I learned so much under you, most importantly, to enjoy what I love while improving my skills. Thank you so much for all these years of music.”


Korbin Johnson

College Student

For many years I’ve wanted to play the piano, but as an adult the idea seemed formidable and beyond my reach. With Diana I’ve been able to play so many of my favorite pieces and the journey has been absolutely wonderful.”

Debbie Lovewell,

Adult Student

Music is very important in my life, even though I never studied it as a child. I’ve been a student of Diana’s for many years, starting as an adult. Being an adult learner brings with it its own challenges, such as being concerned with the fact that I’m going to make mistakes or that I might not always have as much time to practice. I have never felt silly because Diana has always been very supportive. I also like to jump around a lot. I enjoy all different kinds of music from jazz, pop, boogie-woogie, and have a wide range of taste, and she’s always able to accommodate this. I enjoy my lessons with her knowing that she’s always there for me.  Additionally, I feel that she is a good friend.

Mary Rappa

School Nurse

Boston School District

“Ms. Mascari really understands children, including their phases of development and their different temperaments. She has a wonderful ability to adapt to the individual needs/desires of a child to make the experience one of loving to learn. We have seen our son both grow as a musician and develop an appreciation for music that is very gratifying as parents.”

Deval Canning,

MD, Parent

I have been taking virtual piano lessons with Diana for 4 months and am enjoying learning with her. I am playing with two hands now and appreciate the way she breaks things down for me. I enjoy the feeling that I am progressing and I can’t wait to become a more advanced piano player. I’m so glad I found her program.

Briana Chaves

High School Science Teacher

The Hudson, MA music studio is conveniently located for Massachusetts music students looking for piano or voice lessons in or near Acton MA 01718 01719 01720, Ayer MA 01432, Berlin MA 01503, Bellingham MA 02019, Bolton MA 01740, Boylston MA 01505, Boxborough MA 01719, Carlisle MA 01741, Clinton MA 01510, Concord MA 01742, Devens MA 01434, Grafton MA 01519, Harvard MA 01451, Holden MA 01520, Hudson MA 01749, Lancaster MA 01523, Leominster MA 01453, Lincoln MA 01773, Littleton MA 01460, Marlborough MA 01752, Maynard MA 01754, Milford MA 01757, Millbury MA 01527, Northborough MA 01532, Shrewsbury MA 01545, Sterling MA 01564, Stow MA 01775, Sudbury MA 01776, Upton MA 01568, Westford MA 01886, Westborough MA 01580 01581 01582, Worcester MA 01610 01654 01653 01615 01614 01607 or anywhere in, or nearby, the Worcester MA area.

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