Grand Piano

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When You Take Lessons With Diana, You'll Be Able To:

Practical Benefits


🎵radically enhance your playing through a new perspective on music theory.

🎵play your favorite pieces at performance level through my core principal of repertoire at every level.

🎵develop your hand independence more quickly by learning my system of using left hand accompaniment patterns effectively.

🎵develop the practice habits that will lead to consistent improvement.

Personal Benefits

🎵experience a shift from student mindset to that of a musician, making informed choices as your self-expression emerges.

🎵enjoy the deep satisfaction, rich and complete sound that solo piano playing provides. 

Greater Quality of Life Benefits

🎵value the added benefit of keeping your mind sharp, that playing the piano brings.


🎵create a sense of legacy, which remains in the hearts and memory of family, through musical connection and collaboration.


🎵infuse your life with aspects of balance, reflection, and mindful renewal, as you permit yourself time to tune out the rest of the world.


🎵broaden your sense of  personal identity, which your musicianship will cultivate. 

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