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What If You Could Restore Your Relationship With Music
In Less Than
30 Minutes a Day?

Yardbird Suite

Yardbird Suite

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 The key to restoring your relationship with music comes from

learning to play piano in a new way. 

Does One Of These Sound Like You?

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caucasian woman learning to play piano w
Man with a guitar looking at musical not

Want to play piano now, but learned music on another instrument or sang in choral groups?

Want to play piano now, but learned music on another instrument or sang in choral groups?

Need a real piano teacher because you are ready to go beyond the apps and tutorials?

Do you have some musical background, love the piano, but have other concerns? 

People have shared a new found appreciation for spending personal time playing the piano, because it allows them to make music by themselves in a satisfying way. With their prior background my students have applied what they knew and became comfortable on the piano very quickly.  

Find out how you can too!

People who are returning to piano as adults want to have a sense of real progress and revitalized confidence. They are not interested in scales and exercises, nor learning from traditional methods.

Find out how taking piano lessons with me will shift the emphasis to suit YOUR learning style and goals,

 and get you playing the music you love.

Apps and tutorials often leave people with a sense of frustration, even if they learn to play several songs.  As learning progresses, greater complexity requires more demonstration and explanation. Students are often left with an inability to progress. The solution lies in working with the right one-on-one piano teacher.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to even start? Worried about committing time and effort without knowing more? Don't worry! Schedule a call with me today. Together we'll figure it out. There's no obligation for this, and I'm happy to answer all your questions and offer helpful suggestions. 

Diana has taught hundreds of students during the past 40+ years. Here's what some of them have to say:

Steve Emery-Biomedical & Electrical Engineer