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Are You Ready To Unlock The Musician Within You?

Your personal 45 minute one-on-one online lesson

with Diana Mascari includes the following:

Need to Unlock the Musician Within You?

You'll have the opportunity to:

-talk about your musical background.

-discuss the reasons you are considering taking lessons at this point

-identify your musical interests, skills and goals

-play some musical selections for me if you choose to do so

Next you and I will discuss:

-options for where to begin your musical adventure

-practice habits and recommendations for progress

-demonstration of my approach and recommendations 

-other lesson considerations and individual questions

Finally, we'll go over:

-my guidelines and policies

-tuition rates and lesson packages

-scheduling options

  • Valuable and practical insights to improve your musicianship

  • An introduction to a  proven curriculum

  • A unique hands-on approach 

  • An accurate assessment of your current musical status

  • Accessible choices for advancement

  • A dedicated and available mentor ready to answer your questions

What You'll Get

What You Won't Get

  • A one-size all approach to address your musical interests, skills and goals

  • A judgmental and critical attitude about your musical level, tastes or goals

  • A teaching method suited to children

  • A teaching associate to give you lessons

  • An aggressive sales pitch

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