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Online Advanced Piano Lessons

Good Instructor for Online Advanced Piano Lessons

When you are past learning the basics, you’ll be ready to explore new musical territory. At that point you’ll be able to learn to play a variety of musical styles such as songs by Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, etc, show tunes, jazz piano, improvisation, composing, arranging and/or accompanying a singer.

My online advanced piano lessons will provide you with my special mentoring which includes things like supporting you while you build a repertoire of your favorite tunes for your enjoyment, prepare for performances, collaborate with singers and/or compose and arrange your own pieces.

These online advanced piano lessons for adults and adolescents are a great way for older students to refine their playing and express their passion for the instrument. Turn to Online Advanced Piano Lessons with Diana Mascari.

In addition to my 40 years of piano teaching and performing, my educational background includes two Master of Music Degrees from New England Conservatory as well as Doctoral Studies at Boston University. My classical compositions have been recorded and performed throughout the USA and in Europe. Some of my advanced students have gone on to pursue music degrees at Oberlin, Berklee, Boston University and Columbia.

Visit my website for more information. You can book online piano lessons with me directly on my site. While you’re there, read more about me, see videos of me playing, check out my blog and learn more about my lesson packages. Piano Lessons with Diana Mascari is here to help you unlock your potential on the piano.


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