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Diana Mascari

Diana Mascari


About Diana Mascari

Diana Mascari has been teaching piano privately for the past 46 years. Her students have ranged in ages 7 to 85, although she now focuses exclusively on teaching adult students online.  In addition to teaching piano, Diana is a jazz pianist who has performed in a variety of settings with various ensembles over the past 50 years. Many of her performances can be found on YouTube. Diana is also a classical composer whose compositions have been played in Europe and well as in the United States. Her background also includes 41 years as Music Director for a multi-cultural Presbyterian Church in the Boston area. With two Master of Music degrees from New England Conservatory, Diana combines her knowledge along with skills gained from many years of private study, composing and performing to help students achieve their potential in an encouraging and supportive lesson environment. 

Diana Mascari’s Compositions

Diana’s works fit within the major categories of American Classical Music and Neo-Classical Music. More specifically, the music that she composes follows classical forms while at the same time reflecting her jazz background. Diana’s catalog includes five works for Orchestra, several for Chorus/Choir, two String Quartets, three Saxophone Quartets, a Saxophone Concerto, and a variety of mixed ensembles.
On this website, you will find a variety of chamber music including duos for Flute and Piano, Flute and Guitar, Clarinet and Piano, Saxophone and Piano, Saxophone Quartets and a variety of mixed instrumental ensembles. All the music is available for performance as well as for purchase.


Piano Lessons as well as Composition Lessons are available online for adults who have some musical background. Diana will listen to you to understand your goals and interests. Once these are established, she will recommend a place to start that includes options to accommodate your musical tastes and interests. Practicing every day will help you get great results even if you can only practice 10 minutes per day. For skill development and variety, students play music from the Beyer Method Book, Bastien’s Favorite Classic Melodies, Bartok and Chopin, Early Bach and Clementi Sonatinas. All students learn to play songs using chords, and many start with simple chords that advance to the types of chords found in the music of the Great American Songbook. Developing a repertoire of standards, show tunes, and/or jazz tunes will truly enrich the musical lives of Diana’s students.

Diana Mascari
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