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For Adults and Teens With Prior Musical Experience or Previous Piano Lessons

Pick up where you left off or return as an

experienced “beginner” if it’s been a while.


Your lessons will be based on your interests, goals and needs:

-Developing and Improving music reading

-Improving hand independence

-Creating and using effective fingering

-TAP Method

-You'll have the option of playing classical pieces, jazz, show tunes and standards or any combination of these

-Learning to use the pedal effectively

-A personally tailored course of study based on your interests, skills and goals, offered by a teacher who understands many different approaches

Optional Electives:
Your lessons can also include and one or more of our Electives:

Composition, Improvisation, Arranging, Accompanying Yourself,

Collaborative Piano - Accompanying Singers or instrumentalists

Flexible Schedule Lesson Program for

Adults & Teens

Scheduling Options:

One hour lessons 2X per month

One hour lessons 1X per month

45 Minute lessons 2X per month

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